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Mission Statement: To support and provide music educators and their students with valuable resources to enhance the piano education experience. 

Steinway has always been an avid supporter of music education. From the very beginning of Steinway’s history, when Doretta Steinway gave piano lessons to prospective clients, to our present day support of music teacher conventions, we have always believed that music education is of the utmost importance. In return, we have enjoyed assisting students and their families in making the best decisions about their musical investment.

For this reason, we created the Steinway Partners in Performance Program.

What Is The Steinway Partners in Performance Program?

The Steinway Partners in Performance Program is specifically designed for piano educators in an effort to develop and enhance our relationship and to further support piano instruction. Below are a few of the benefits and opportunities you will receive as a member of the Steinway Partners in Performance Program:

Piano Teacher and StudentPrestige of being associated with Steinway & Sons

The prestige that comes with being associated with Steinway & Sons is beneficial and desired by many piano teachers. Steinway Partners in Performance will receive a certificate and lapel pin confirming our partnership.

Receive new students

Through a variety of methods, Steinway & Sons will make every effort to refer students to Steinway Partners in Performance.

The Steinway Artist Master Class Program

Private Invitations for you and your students to attended master classes presented by Steinway Artists. An excellent opportunity to provide that extra motivate your aspiring artist.

The Steinway-Designed Piano Rental Program

Your Steinway Representative will assist in making the rental purchase seamless for you and your students at a very attractive price per month.

Professional Remuneration

As a piano teacher, you generate the standards to which Steinway & Sons crafts its pianos, and are Steinway’s most valued ambassador to the piano-buying public. In recognition of your time and necessary experience involved in introducing and/or assisting in a selection of a piano, Steinway will thank you with a professional remuneration.

Doretta Steinway University

A Steinway Partners in Performance will be eligible to attend a day long class at our Steinway showroom to experience and learn about Steinway & Sons and how we can help your business.

The Steinway Educational Partner Studio

Those piano teachers that run music schools that have 100 or more piano students may apply for our new Steinway Partner in Performance Studio designation which offers a variety of benefits for you and your studios.

Become a Steinway Educational Partner

To learn more or to become a member of the Steinway Partner in Performance program contact us online.

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